Das Rote Mond bei den rote stern bis zu den Sozialismus

sábado, 10 de abril de 2010


the Present-day world, like this one conceived, was not dreamt for no one ours, he was dreamt for others, because they asked us to no one if we were wanting to live on the breadline with a system banks and of finances, with corporations that they tear apart jungles or thousands of people passing hunger in the world, with wars for money and business of guns.

THE DOGMA: A strange illness of the domination.

THE IDEAS And THE CONSCIENCE LIBERATE US, but when the knowledge, the idea, the belief are utilized, stop turning it into a dogma, to impose an alone truth or intending to assume than the one and only possibility has it a religion, an ordinary policy or an ideology, a determined tradition, a custom, a culture, then prisoners of our of one's own ties turn around .

civilization's Dogma that produces thousands and million of human beings to serve of gear to his great machinery of deceit, establishing educational institutions's series that go from the premature scholarship, being taken as a the lyceums to get to the University training domestication and assimilation to his dynamic pervert, that he ends up to program the mind to the consumption and to the thought individual and accommodating.

Million of people confused, frustrated, to follow same logic the tragedies to the order of the day after her trouble, the uprooting, the lent adoption of identities for the people of the common people, that implies the cultural invasion on the inside, in his house, in the language, in the manner to perform on, in the concepts that have been introyected for a macabre handling of the image, the publicity and the means of communication, giving to end for people that dogmatically think that this way go to perpetuate his tyranny, his power, ien the exploitation and the vexation ofThe majorities.

In the century renowned XX psychologic that they developed behavioral theory, they did an incalculable favor to the capitalism, to the ranking with the man, the essays of stimulus answers experienced rats of laboratory and animals, what has served next for the massive manipulation of the societies, under the premise of than the human being taken for his instincts, rather his emotions or weaknesses, it is manipulable and moldable to a determined conduct, in this case, to the competition, to the consumerism, to the rivalry, to the survival establishing dogmas as to it, amparandolaUnder the supposed spontaneity and the law of the more fortress.

The Iglesia along these 2,000 years right after being the Roman Empire's icon himself mimetizó in organ of the empire ( apostolic and Roman ), in institution, establishing standards, rules, cuts, temples and besides performances of the POWER, than at all they had to do with Nazareth's austere and humble life of Jesús that preached and he practiced true Christianity, the fact rather became from there on instrument to tire out towns on behalf of god, to establish chiefs a religion than at the same time as he control the people, also disassociate them ofHis land, of his origins, of his link with the cosmos and his originating beliefs, in short, of his culture.

The certain he is than with us they have played so much to the game of the stimulus answer, like if the human being and the common peoples stupid will be, while the human being tells apart of another animals for thinking a little more, that behavioral methodology himself only it works when the mind is very basic and the individual a little more does not reflect, for thinking he is than instead of acting for the impulse we have capability OF ACTING WITH THE reason, to use REASONING what tells us apart enormously of another sorts, without being hence more important than the set that he surrounds us,But it seems to be than to the people he finds it difficult to leave impulses ( way of life and conditioned likes ) and while this keep on (subj) occurring, we will keep on in a logic capitalist, that he destroys us to ourselves and to the Mother Earth.

On the other hand, that thesis that intends to explain our conducts because use to be natural in the people when have been systematically bombing our humanity and agressioned of all the forms and possible manners, is not true stop only no having eyes and the blindfolded senses, destiny to attempt a crime against ourselves of our fellowmen. The repetition and nonstop routine makes to seem normal a set of doings and dynamicses that are reproduced every day, but than really reflex how sick estan our societies.

A little while ago he was listening to an interview to Bolivia's Canciller in an interview for Dossier, and in her I was expressing the official Abyayalano, that all complemented us, that the nature is complemented with the man, that the man complements him with the landscape, with the rivers, with the lakes, plants and the animals, that they are our brethren, a reflection that he was coming transiting in recent years, since I visited Vigirima and our originating Abyayalana began to dig into that part, in her as we are not enemies of the half native that differs of the westerner, concept, her as there is once A system of war and permanent sosobra was edified with whole and with wholes.

jueves, 8 de abril de 2010


Das ist eine zeite für die Weltanschauung gegen des Kapitalismus, das ist eine stimme dass sagt: wir wollen eine Welt ohne wirschaftliche eliten, ohne kirchliche eliten, ohne kriege, ohne vermittler und vertreter, eine welt ohne rasismus, ohne privat eigentum, ohne kapitalistische und imperialistische regierung und konserne, ohne unternehmen...
wir wollen eine sozial model, in armonie und gleichgewischt zwischen den leuten un dem volken, zwischen uns un den mutter erde, zwischen uns und den Umwelt...



Grüss die schöne!!!
Sicher du wirst viele kürbis säen
Warun nicht?, ob deine hande die farbe aus der erde nimmt
Deine starke werk für ein bessere zukunft für die menschheit

Du, meine liebling
Du, meine liebe
Du bist auch die stern
Du bist auch die schmetterling

Aus deine blühendfeld
Es gibt viele farben
Es gibt leben
Die erde ist dein seele
Deine augen sind den himmel
Deine küsse sind den vogel
Dein weg ist die hoffentlichkeit
Deine stimme die gemeinsam fröhlichkeit